7 Killer Facebook Ads Tips

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As millions of businesses use Facebook Marketing to expand their reach,
Facebook allows businesses to reach more potential customers.

Successful Facebook ad campaigns can establish a good connection between
customer and brand.

In social media marketing, you have a few seconds to grab your audience’s
attention before they move to the next advertisement. Many businesses are
making huge mistakes and ruining it.

Here are 7 Killer Facebook Ads Tips that will help you avoid these blunders and
get higher conversion rates.

Broad demographics, narrow interests:

When you target your Facebook ads, you have many targeting options. General
targeting is less effective than specific targeting. You have to avoid creating too
narrow a field of demographics and interest. Balance is key.

Facebook also offers you the opportunity to customize your ad visibility; only
those audiences whose interest will match with your ad specifications will see
your ads.

For better targeting options you can select the broadest demographics with
narrow interests to get most relevant audience. This targeting requires testing,
but the results can be dramatic and may surprise you.

Analyze, Rinse, and Repeat:

You have to analyze the results and determine which ads are working and which
ones aren’t. Facebook provides demographics-based data, so you can find out the
real data concerning the location, age and gender of the viewers who click your ads.

With this you can stop showing your ads to those people who never click on them.
This will increase your Click Through Rate(CTR) and will give you the lowest Cost
Per Click(CPC) you can get.

Facebook comes up with new algorithms every month.

So don’t be afraid to try new tactics and campaigns. You can innovate your social
media marketing with Facebook using personal touches in your advertisement.

Remember, the more content you share, the more potential customers will see
your brand. You can repeat the successful campaigns that worked really well.

Change your creative often:

Using this method you can get more and more clicks. Change your ad copy and art
ever so often.

You can also create several different ads with the same interest and demographics
to see which is working well. This is known as Split Testing.

For underperforming Ads, you can change the copy or image of those ads to
increase clicks. If there is not any improvement, change the copy again or create
a new ad to replace the old one.

You have to keep a close eye on those ads that are performing very well because
ads can decrease in effectiveness within a few days, so be prepared to improve
the ad with new images or copy to get more clicks.

Generate leads with Facebook offers:

You can generate leads by creating offers for your audience in order to increase
your email list. You simply have to set up a landing page that requires an email
address, and then you can create offers.

You can also use sweepstakes to generate leads with Facebook. You can use
newsletters, email gated content, exclusive offer ads, Facebook contest ads,
Facebook ads with links to email gated content, events, and webinars to get new

Manage Your Budget:

Facebook doesn’t tell advertisers to set their ads with the max bid. The official
statement is set to the maximum bid you are able to spend per click.

Bid size also affects the click through rate. The quality of clicks is being affected
by the people who see your advertisement. If you have a low maximum bid…

Facebook will show your ads to 
audiences who affect your CTR negatively.

It will also affect quality score of your brand and you will also lose your important
bids. Test different maximum bidding sizes and how they are working for your
brand and your brand’s CTR.

Optimized your ads:

Once you locate your potential buyers, you have to present a clickable story. Think
about the ads you have published, and work to create your ad so that it will stand out
with right demographics.

To optimize your ads you have to use proper grammar and punctuation, and use an
image to represent your services and products to garner your audience’s attention.

You also need to analyze your competitors to make your ads the best and to stand
out. Delete the ads which are performing poorly, and move that budget to the highest
converting ads.

Allocation of your budget:

For better results you can assign half of your budget to the news feed to make your ad
campaign more effective. These newsfeed ads are more visible and more deliverable.

Newsfeed ads have much bigger CTR and conversion rate than right side ads.

With the other half of your budget, you can try distributing it among sidebar ads, and

I hope these Facebook ads tips were helpful to you, and I also wish you the best in
your all of your Facebook marketing efforts.

If you would like to get even more Facebook marketing tips, including some advanced
strategies… Click here and watch this video 🙂

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