7 Steps to Get More Blog Traffic and Engagement

simple blog hacks

In this article I show you how to get more blog traffic, increase engagement and build your credibility by using simple blog hacks that anyone can do. So… If you’re ready… Let’s rock this!   Here are the 7 killer tactics I used to turn my Desert Wasteland of a blog into a Thriving Oasis!…

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7 Lifehacks For More Focus

7 lifehacks

The dawn of the information age has brought its own problems with it and one of the major problems is the inability to focus. The ping of a What’s app message, the need to constantly check the number of likes we got for our Facebook posts, so much so that even when we are driving 70 mph…

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Getting Your Mind Right for Internet Marketing Success

positive change

Still struggling online? Aren’t you sick and tired of doing the same things over and over expecting different results? You may not realized this, but that is the text book definition of “INSANITY” …it’s time for a change and change is good. Change is the only constant in the universe and you can either embrace it…

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3 Keys To Internet Marketing Success


Do You Have What It Takes? In the video below I go into details about what I have learned through observation and experience since 2008, about what it takes to have internet marketing success. In my last blog post: The Truth About Making Money Online In 2015 I said that I would elaborate more on the principles…

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