How To Generate 25-30 Leads Per Day With Facebook Ads

how to generate 25-30 leads per day

Facebook is one of the highest traffic websites in the world, and it’s the #1 social media powerhouse as of the writing of this article. With this much clout, is it any wonder marketers are still clamoring to discover new ways to use the site to generate traffic?   A lot of social sites have lost traction recently. YouTube,…

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The 5 Types of Social Media Personalities… Which one are You?

social media personalities

According to several studies these are the 5 most common types of Social Media  Personalities…   (Click image to enlarge)   Now I’m quite sure there are some more social media personalities that were not covered here, but I think you’ll agree that this is a pretty good summary. or maybe you totally disagree… Feel free…

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7 Killer Facebook Ads Tips

facebook advertising

As millions of businesses use Facebook Marketing to expand their reach, Facebook allows businesses to reach more potential customers. Successful Facebook ad campaigns can establish a good connection between customer and brand. In social media marketing, you have a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention before they move to the next advertisement. Many businesses are making…

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Do you know your target audience?

target audience 2

If not, You really need to read this!   Is your marketing message being heard by the right people or is it getting lost in the sauce amongst the rest of the usual hype and noise? One of the problems that a lot of new and struggling marketers face is getting their marketing message to their…

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