3 ways to get more subscribers on your email list

get more subcribers

Need More Email Subscribers?


There are a lot of different ways you can get more subscribers
onto your list, but here are my 3 favorites right now:
1. Facebook Ads
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Facebook ads are the gold standard  for online marketers today
when it comes to getting targeted traffic for your offers. The fact
that everybody and their momma(literally) is on Facebook today
makes it very easy to find your target audience with Facebook’s
ad platform.

To get the best results, you want to place your ads in the mobile
and desktop newsfeeds. You want to make sure you choose the
“Website Conversion” option when you set up your ad campaign.

You will need to have a fanpage in place in order to runs these
type of ads because Facebook really don’t want you doing any
type of business from your personal profile page.
2. Blogging
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The vast majority of the traffic that I generate from Facebook on
a daily basis is sent directly to my blog. I try to create engaging
content on a somewhat regular basis, so that my readers will be
able to get the help they are looking for with their businesses.

While they are here reading my content they will notice banners
on the side and links in the blog posts that lead to capture pages.
This is a tried and true technique and it’s very effective when it
comes to list building.
3. Youtube Videos
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Youtube is not only the number 1 video site on the web, it’s also
the number 2 search engine next to the big “G”. Guess what a
huge number of people are searching for on Youtube… “How to

You can create simple little “how to” videos on different topics in
your niche and put a link to your capture page in the description
box. This technique has also worked very well for me over the last
several years. I have videos that have been generating leads for
me since 2013.
4. Conclusion

These are  just 3 great ways to boost your subscriber rate. There
are many more, but let’s just keep it simple for now. Give these
simple techniques a try before you venture into some of the more
complicated strategies.

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here, “How to add 1000 subscribers to your list in 30 days or less”
to help you build a huge responsive email list for your business.

Well it’s been fun, but that’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by
see ya next time 🙂

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