4 cool tips on how to write great blog posts

how to write great blog posts

If you want people to actually read your content, here’s 4 things
you might want to consider before you publish your next article.

First off you need a great headline

I mean come on, you gotta grab your readers attention right off the bat
or no one is ever going to read your post regardless of how informative
it might be.

You and I both know that there are wayyyyyy too many distractions
out there today and quite frankly most people have the attention span
of a fruit fly.

So you better catch em quick…

Think about it for a second, Would you even be reading this right now
if it weren’t for my headline? Probably not…right?

So it should be obvious that a great headline is the number one priority
when it comes to commanding attention for your content…and this isn’t
just true for blogging, this holds true for sending emails out to your list,
Google and Facebook ads, your status messages and Youtube videos.


“Learn how to double your blog traffic and engagement”

Having the right message to market

So many marketers screw this one up big time!

Instead of taking the time to actually get to know who their “Avatar” is
and focusing on speaking directly to them…they tend to go after a broad
section of their overall market, hoping to catch whoever’s listening at the

However the major flaw in this approach is…

“When you try to speak to everybody…you’re actually speaking to nobody”

This is where you really need to be laser focused, if you plan on being at
all successful at this internet marketing stuff.

BTW…your “Avatar” is your ideal customer, in case you didn’t already
know that. This is the exact person you need to write for and speak to in
all of your marketing. Once you can do this you’ll start to see a dramatic
increase in your lead flow and sales conversions.

In other words…

Don’t be trying to sell steak to vegetarians, I don’t care how good it is…
They ain’t buying it!

You must be relevant to what’s working now

Make sure you’re posting original, fresh and up to date content to your
blog or your readers will exit “stage left” before they get half way through
your posts.

Here’s a no brainer…

If you give your readers valuable content that actually helps them with
whatever problem you’re attempting to address…not only will they keep
reading your post, they will actually become raving fans and start looking
forward to consuming all of your content.

Don’t be afraid to share something new you may have recently learned
yourself and decide to use in your own business…and even go so far as
to let your readers know this.

This will draw them even closer to you because it let’s them know that
you are human just like them and that you are willing to be honest with

For instance…

After months of basically doing nothing with my own blog here, I decided
to re-focus on it as the central hub of my online business, and it’s already
pulling in more leads than ever before and even generating a few sales as
a result.

I’ve known for a long time that a blog can be a very powerful tool for any
online marketer that uses it properly. Even so, I started slackin when it
came to my blog.

So after going through the motions and coming back to my senses, Here’s
what I’m doing with my blog today…

First off, I use it for Personal Branding and Credibility.

Secondly, I use it to generate leads for my business.

Third, it’s one of the ways I let the people on my email list get to know me
as a real person.

Finally, I use it for several other things in my business but I won’t go into
details here. I don’t want this to be a book, so maybe later.


“Learn how to double your blog traffic and engagement”

You can’t be boring

OK, this is another no brainer, but it’s worth mentioning.

Now you may be the Gooroo of Gooroos in your particular niche and you
might know everything there is to know about it down to the tiniest detail.

However, your readers probably don’t want to just sit and read a bunch of
facts and figures…so chop it up a bit and try to be somewhat entertaining
as well as informative…So, no snooze fest!

As far as I know…nobody is able to read a blog post in their sleep.

Keep it funky fresh and your readers will love you for it.

The final analysis

Just remember that you have a lot of competition when it comes to your
readers’ attention. So keep this in mind when you write your next post.

And just to recap…

Make sure you start with an attention grabbing headline!

Speak directly to your “Avatar” and “Not” everybody with a pulse!

Stay relevant, no outdated information from 2005 that probably never
worked any way!

Don’t be putting people to sleep trying to show them how smart you are
there skippy!

And most of all…just be yourself

Well, I hope you enjoyed the 4 cool tips on how to write great blog posts…

Feel free to share and leave a comment if you found value.

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  • Glenn Shepherd

    Reply Reply July 31, 2015

    Hey Terry, my man!

    I’m really glad you’ve directed attention back to your blog again, I always enjoy reading your top-quality content, bro!

    You’ve covered here what a lot get wrong when blogging. One thing I see a lot of is curated content and this is something I’ve actually spoken of quite a bit recently here and there. Yes, it can serve a purpose, but as you rightly say, no matter how good the content may be, if it’s a snooze-fest then you’re going to lose the interest of your readers.

    Of course, you’re not going to please everyone or resonate with everyone all of the time, even your most ardent of fans. But the most important things is that people see you as a real person who is writing real, from-the-heart content.

    You absolutely have to be thinking of your readership. I always try to have some point or other that my readers can take away and apply. How do I do this? Partly from experience, but also by listening to what people want. I pay attention to what they tell me, what they ask me, what they struggle with and what they need. I take note of what the most common questions and struggles are in the marketplace, so I then have a better idea of how I can help people.

    It should be all about giving the most value that you can and engaging with your audience in the best way possible. If you make a concerted effort to do these things then, as you say, you will have raving fans who can’t wait to get more content from you. Of course, these can then turn into customers which, in turn, can turn into clients.

    Fantastic post as always, Terry. I hope you’re keeping well, my friend, and I look forward to your next post! 🙂


    • Street Smart Marketer

      Reply Reply July 31, 2015

      What’s up Glen my man! As always dude, it’s a pleasure to have you visit my little ol blog.

      I really appreciate the fact that you give serious thought to the content and comment from the heart as opposed to the standard blog hoppers’ canned comments.

      It’s folks like you that really inspire me to bring my “A” game to the blogosphere. I look to your blog as a model for consistency and quality my friend.

      Thanks for your continued support!

      See you soon over at eMoney Avenue 🙂

  • Kate

    Reply Reply August 4, 2015

    Yikes, you can’t be boring is a great message. That said, when you start out it probably will be kinda boring because you’re not in your groove just just.

    The more you blog and the more you comment on other people’s blogs the better you’ll get.

    Good stuff, thanks for this wonderful reminder to be consistent and focus.

    • Street Smart Marketer

      Reply Reply August 14, 2015

      Thanks Kate for taking the time to visit my blog.

      You’re absolutely right, consistency is the key to getting better at whatever you do.

  • Chris Shouse

    Reply Reply August 4, 2015

    Very interesting post Terry. Marketing blogs are a lot different that what I learned on which was Real Estate. Working on getting better every day.

    • Street Smart Marketer

      Reply Reply August 14, 2015

      Thanks Chris 🙂

      And as long as you continue to learn you will always get better.

  • Gill Watkins

    Reply Reply August 14, 2015

    Terry, what a great post. Very informative and I agree with what you say. Personality has to shine through. You just have to be yourself – you won’t appeal to everyone but that’s life – but keep it enjoyable as well as informative.
    Well done and keep up the good work.

    • Street Smart Marketer

      Reply Reply August 14, 2015

      Thanks Gill, I’m glad you enjoyed it. You really do have to let your personality shine through because that how you attract and keep your core audience.

  • Sanu Siddharth

    Reply Reply September 13, 2015

    Hey Street Smart,
    We should publish quality content on our blog because content is king . if suppose we don;t have any content on our blog then what read will read ? so same is here if you have don’t have quality then that will come like a visitor and you failed to convert them into reader.

    You shared a awesome guide really

    Thanks 🙂

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