Internet Marketing Success Tip: Be Consistent and Follow Up with Your Prospects!

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Research shows that over 50% of prospects never
even access the information they opt in for.

So, let’s be clear here…

These are people who saw your ad, status message or video and said:
“Hey, this is something that I could really use to help me with ____”

Then clicked on your link and entered their email addresses into your
squeeze page to get the pdf, cheatsheet, video or whatever you offered.

Go figure…



Why do so many people say they want or need help with something
and when you give it to them they don’t seem to follow through?

Well, I suspect there are many reasons.

Some people just procrastinate or won’t follow through no matter what.

However, I think most people have every intention on downloading and
consuming the information but they simply get caught up in the day to day
and forget they even opted in.

For example…

Maybe they were at work when they opted in and didn’t have time to
check their email for the download link.

Or maybe they were on their out the door and intended to finish up
when they got back.

Maybe they heard one of the kids crying in the other room and just
forgot about it, I mean family takes priority, right?

At the end of the day we’re all just human and there’s only so much
we can focus on at any given time.

So, how do you deal with this as a marketer who genuinely wants to
help the people who opt in to your list to get that much needed info
you have for them?

Well, for one thing you have to be patient and at the same time be
consistent in your efforts to help them.

Internet Marketing Success Tip #1

Be consistent and follow up with your prospects!

One of the best ways to do this is to send them a gentle reminder that
you sent them what they asked for and wanted to know how they were
coming along with it.

This let’s them know that you kept your word and also that you really
do care about their progress. This is one of the first steps you can take
to actually start building a relationship with the people on your list.

Internet Marketing Success Tip #2

Don’t be afraid to share personal stories about your failures as well as
well as your successes with your subscribers. It let’s them know that you
are a real person and will help to further build the relationship.

Don’t go making up stuff either, always be genuine and truthful with
them and they will not only come to like you, they will come to respect
and trust you as well.

Remember, once people get to know, like and trust you, they are far
more likely to follow your recommendations down the line and buy
stuff from you.

Internet Marketing Success Tip #3

Be sure that what you recommend is actually going to help them with
whatever led them to sign up on your list in the first place. This alone
will separate you from the majority of the other ‘so called’ marketers
out there.

You want your subscribers to be glad to see your email show up in their
inbox instead of ignoring you or unsubscribing from your list because
you are not providing any real value.

With that being said…

Feel free to share and leave a comment if you found value.

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  • Glenn Shepherd

    Reply Reply April 28, 2015

    Hey Terry,

    Awesome post, my friend! This is extremely valuable advice and that question of “What now?” is one that, I think, most of us have asked at some point when getting started with list-building. The answer is: for a start, how about just being yourself and remembering that the signup on the other end is a person too? Remembering that your subscribers are, in fact, real people can make all the difference in how you deal with them.

    Once thing I make sure that I do is always reply to any e-mails I get from my subscribers. I don’t actually get very many, but when I do I always reply and try to help them the best I can. For example, one subscriber e-mailed me to let me know that they hadn’t received all of the free, 7-day e-mail course that all my new subscribers receive. They were missing something like two or three days of it. Because they were using Outlook/Hotmail I advised that they switch, because e-mails often disappear into the ether without trace with Outlook. Secondly, I took the time to compile the entire course into a .PDF and sent it to them to make sure that they wouldn’t miss out on anything. As a result, this person went on to purchase a high-ticket program that I promoted and we went on to become buddies.

    So the point is, always treat your visitors, clients, subscribers, buyers, etc as PEOPLE! Never fail to respond to their queries, concerns or petitions for help. Of course, we cannot be expected to be able to deal with every single little issue that people may raise, but if they’ve taken the time to reach out to use the least we can do is reply. Plus, taking the initiative and letting your subscribers know that you’re approachable can make a big difference on the relationship you have with them too.

    Great stuff, Terry, I look forward to your next post with eager anticipation! 🙂


  • Great post! The key to success is being consistent in providing value. You get paid based on the amount of value you provide

    Dr. Lisa

    • Street Smart Marketer

      Reply Reply May 27, 2015

      Right on Lisa! At least that’s the way it’s suppose to work… right? :o)

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